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Unlike many consulting firms, we assist our clients from the point a promising deal arises to the post-M&A timeline when organizational synergies need to be achieved. This is a principle we have stuck to ever since we started this business line 15 years ago. We have finished more than a 120 projects so far.

We are happy to count on our portfolio many happy and satisfied clients across the US, Canada, Mexico and Latin America. Here is what our customers say about us.

“Strathmore Minerals was one of our top 3 choices when we decided to acquire Ferdinand Energy Corp., a small offshore drilling company in Texas. As M&A was unchartered territory for us, we decided to get some expert advice. Strathmore helped us with valuation, deal structuring and even advised us on various aspects post the deal. No complaints at all from our end!”

– Andrew Wilkins, Project Manager, Hunt Mining Corp.

“In 1995, our business had reached a saturation point and we desperately needs to conduct a Merger with Southeastern Mining Corp. to obtain access to new resources and geographical segments. Strathmore led us calmly through this turbulent process, and was the main reason why the merger was conducted in a healthy manner without significant layoffs.”

– Emma Thompson, CEO, Thompson Energy

“With our operations predominantly in the United States, we managed to find a lucrative business opportunity in Bogota, Colombia, to expand there. Strathmore Minerals was hired as our strategic and financial consultant to understand the local business scenario in Colombia and the capital that needed to be invested to set up operations there. We are delighted with the relationship so far!”

– Slaven Maksimovic, Business development head, Enexco International

Just like Andrew, Emma and Slaven, you can be the next person to benefit from our expertise. We are just a phone call away.