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Strathmore Minerals is an Energy M&A advisory company based in New Mexico, United States. It started off initially as a rare metal mining and exploration company, during which it led dozens of projects that were meant to assist the Department of Energy (DoE). These projects were focused on resource-rich areas in the North American continent.

Today, the company has diversified its product and service line to include Energy consulting and M&A advisory. Strathmore Minerals’ success in dealing dozens of successful M&A deals in the past 50 years has brought many laurels. The company’s shrewd financial policies ensured that each merger, acquisition or Joint Venture (JV) that it embarked on led to promising synergies to the main holding corporation.

As part of its current business line, we advise energy, mining and metallurgical corporations on financial management, M&A, valuation, deal sourcing and deal origination. The reason we only cater to companies in these industries is that the deal mechanics and rationale in such capital-intensive industries require substantial industry expertise, which we have.

As part of expanding our consulting business and reaching a wider international audience, we maintain this blog and create content that companies can adhere to for prudent financial management practices. We publish content on corporate financial practices, M&A deal origination, deal assessment, debt restructuring, project budgeting and various other topics.