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We have multiple business lines, with our core businesses of energy exploration, resourcing mining and energy consulting. Due to the recent successes we have had with our consulting business, we are looking to expand our content to generate organic marketing.

If you are a Master or above in the fields of Corporate finance or Investment Banking, we welcome you to join our content team. We publish on a daily basis on topics such as M&A origination, deal structing, deal assessment, valuation, budgeting and financial management. In addition, we also write content related to strategy and project management.

The advantages of being a part of our content team is many fold. In addition to getting a platform to publish your works to a wide audience, you get monetary compensation if you meet your monthly thresholds. It is also a path to potential employment opportunities with Strathmore Minerals or its many clients. In the past, we have hired domain experts within our content team to senior roles in our company such as Financial Controller, Project Manager, M&A analysts and M&A originators.

Your reader base will consist of corporates, C-suite employees, students and professionals all across the world. Currently we have a reader base of 250,000+, of whom only 40% are from the United States, thus proving our international appeal. This provides you a sizeable audience which you don’t usually get when you start your own blog. So don’t wait anymore, contact us to find out openings!